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Website colovr.com
Website colovr.com

coloVR is an online 360° presentation tool with interactive hotspots and real world based navigation.

Own project

Javascript app for viewing 360° content. Script uses THREE.js, jQuery, and FontAwesome libraries.

Bought myself a Ricoh Theta V 360 degree camera while back. Pretty soon after shooting the first pictures I started to look for a Javascript 360 viewer. Couldn’t find suitable for my purposes so wrote one myself. Well, kind of. I found this. The whole thing is based on it.*

Key features

  • Geolocation based navigation
  • Game mode Gueff (Where & What)
  • Images and videos inside 360 view
  • External and internal links
  • Images stored in cloud

Update 2020/06

I have created a dedicated website for this app.


I am quite satisfied how it turned out. I spent a ton of time creating this and especially testing with images. It’s been a while since I have coded PHP so I really didn’t enjoy too much those bits. But figuring out things, possible or not, was fun!

Have a look, what do you think?

Go to coloVR website

*Mr. Doob, Emanuele Feronato and Cedric Pinson are top three Javascript heroes out there. Only my humble (and official) 15 year professional career opinion.

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