Quiztin Timerino – quiz game

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Mobile quiz game Quiztin Timerino
Mobile quiz game Quiztin Timerino

UI/UX Design and ReactJS coding exercise using IMDB movie imagery. Goal is to guess the movie from one image.

Screen recording of gameplay

Quiztin Timerino is a really quick React game that I built initially in just two days. First day was spent on UI/UX design and second messing around with API’s. Eventually spent almost full work week on this. Play it here, thanks.

Goal is to guess the movie from one image. If user is stuck, there is a button to show the correct answer with letters scrambled. No skip option, in order to move forward user needs to guess something.

I am using RapidApi’s IMDB API for data and images but it is commercial license only with a monthly fee so there’s no working live version available. The API is very slow and I had to make three calls for each image. This could be improved to just two but maybe later.

UI/UX design was made with Affinity Designer.

Can’t remember how I ended up calling it Quiztin Timerino. Maybe it occurred to me during some late hours.

Screenshots of the User Interface (UI/UX)

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