I am a Front End Fixer

Visual designer and UI/UX developer.

Strongest areas in my work are building responsive lay-outs, logo and icon design. Lately I have worked mostly on UI/UX design and wireframing. …Plus writing some React too!

I have over 15 years of experience in WWW. Started out as a designer and soon delved into back end coding for few years (PHP/MySQL). For the last eight years or so I have been mainly a front-end developer, and increasingly UI/UX-designer (JS, CSS/SCSS, Adobe XD, Illustrator).

I am proactive, resourceful and I really enjoy my work.

Main reason why people contact me is that they need a new, or have existing, website but their tech knowledge is just too limited to make it work in desired manner.

Freelancer – let’s connect!

If you’re in need of a reliable designer/developr to help you out temporarily or you have a longer project – just contact me asap!
I am also looking for networking. Every now and then I need someone with coding experience in languages like PHP and Javascript/React. Also illustrators are occasionally sought after. So, if you are (OR KNOW SOMEONE) any of those mentioned – contact me!

Professional – employee

I am also looking for permanent positions but please note that I am 50% designer and 50% developer. If you have a open position that is either 100% developing or 100% designing, I am only 50% interested. These figures are not carved in stone but I am looking for roles that allow me to work on both areas. This would benefit the employer greatly too.


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