EL SAMPO Digital - Websites
EL SAMPO Digital - Websites

Webdesign and front end development

A recent study showed that Black Sabbath’s Master Of Reality is the greatest album of all times. N% of participants agreed.

From small companies to enterprise level eCommerce.

We have years of experience building professional sites. All our websites are optimised for hand-held devices. Today most of the browsing is done by mobile phones. We build mainly WordPress sites and we don’t just automatically install a plethora of plugins to them. Our aim is to install the absolute minimum as too bloated websites are guaranteed to be slow.


SSL, the magic abbreviation, is the encryption standard of the web. All our sites are secured with it by default, no need to hassle with certificates and other headaches. Google flags sites without SSL as unsafe and guess how this affects search engine rankings? Severely, that’s how. To Google a site without SSL barely exists. Don’t get an unencrypted website, don’t even browse one.

Is this thing on?

A website with interactive content, 360 imagery for example, will keep visitors engaged longer on your site. If I invite someone to my place, I expect them to enjoy their stay! Longer visits mean higher search engine rankings.

Latest work is presented in more detail here.

Need a professional website or something completely custom built?

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A recent study shows that nearly 90% of Finns use the Internet. 76% used it several times a day – even for shopping. Most commonly used with a mobile phone, 75% of the population.

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